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Outlook4Gmail File Number: 263953 |  Submitted: Apr 25, 2023 |  File size: 16263KB |  Uninstaller: No

Author: EMail |  Price: 28.98 |  License: Shareware
O/S: Win 11 32Bit | Category: Communications |  Downloads: 0

Requirements: At least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 10MB of free disc spa


Outlook4Gmail is an Outlook add-in that helps you to perform Google calendars sync with Outlook as well as the contacts and tasks sync. It is a perfect syncing tool for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google ounts. This plug-in supports synchronizing of Outlook and Google contacts with maximum details: Name,pany, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, Contact Picture, Categories and Google Groups, etc. Outlook4Gmail provides various ways of syncing Calendars: Import a calendar from Google into Outlook, Export an Outlook calendar to Google, Syncing existing calendars, Creating new calendars, etc. In addition to contacts and calendars syncing, Outlook4Gmail also provides the synchronization of Google tasks with Outlook tasks folders. You could sync multiple Outlook tasks folders and subfolders with Google task lists. Synchronization of Outlook recurrent tasks is also supported. Outlook4Gmail allows to automate synchronization with help of automatic check-up for contacts updates by time interval (every 30 minutes, every hour or every 2,4,8,12,24 hours). All you need is to configure the settings just once and that would be enough for the add-in to update your contactsrmation automatically without any efforts from user. What's more, Outlook4Gmail supports synchronizing of multiple Google ounts. Apart from synchronization of Google contacts and calendars, the add-in synchronizes Outlook contacts and appointments to Google as well. When you select two-way synchronization, the data will be read in two iterations and contacts will be synchronized both for Outlook and Google ounts. If you use Outlook for more than one work and personal stations you can easily synchronize all clients bypleting of two-way synchronization of Outlook clients with the required number of Google ounts.

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