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Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK File Number: 263636 |  Submitted: Mar 8, 2023 |  File size: 3997KB |  Uninstaller: No

Author: EMail |  Price: 5999 |  License: Shareware
O/S: Win 11 32Bit | Category: Security |  Downloads: 0

Requirements: Windows xp or later version


EaseFilterprehensiveplete File Security SDK is a set of file system filter driver software development kits which include file monitor filter driver, file ess control filter driver, transparent file encryption filter driver, process filter driver and registry filter driver. In a single solution, EaseFilterprehensiveplete File Security SDK epasses file security, digital rights management, encryption, file monitoring, file auditing, file tracking, data loss prevention, process monitoring and protection, and system configuration protection. EaseFilter file system filter driver is a kernel-modeponent thatns as part of the Windows executive above the file system. The EaseFilter file system filter driver can intercept requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. By intercepting the request before it reaches its intended target, the filter driver can extend or replace functionality provided by the original target of the request. The EaseFilter file system filter driver can log, observe, modify, or even prevent the I/O operations for one or more file systems or file system volumes. The SDK can help you to implement the file security application in one step with C#/C++ demo source code, i.e. to implement file auditing, continuous data protection(CDP), ess log, journaling, data protection, transparent file encryption, secure sandbox programs.

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