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Photos Videos Recovery Freeware Software v2.2.0.1 File Number: 261342 |  Submitted: Sept 21, 2022 |  File size: 2450KB |  Uninstaller: yes

Author: EMail |  Price: $ |  License: Freeware
O/S: Win 11 32Bit | Category: Desktop |  Downloads: 0

Requirements: Any windows


Software be the first choice of people with its uracy and efficiency in finding missing and deletes photo videos. Describes the working steps of this photos and videos recovery tool? Here we are defining the Working steps of the software - 1.Search 9datarecovery in your browser search box 2.Go to your software 3.Download photos and video recovery tool 4.Install into your system 5.Now start the software 6.Select option to be search photos or videos 7.Now you can get the all data backup or you can set range to restore 8.You can preview in the scanning or can check in the containing folder. .Why is this software better than others? This software is better than others because it gives you these features: Type of Searching: (a) photo search: choose to search (restore and missing) images. (b) Video search: choose to search (get deleted and misplaced) videos.rmation of device: You can got the allrmation of the device which data you to recover. All the types of file format shows in the details of device. Range of searching: This Software offers to search in a number of files or media as per need .if you do not want to get back all of the data so you can adjust limit ording you to be restore. Restore recover data in a specific folder: It gives chance to store recover data in a folder of your choice as the name of files photo search video search. Why it is more important? Restore Photos and Video Software is really important for the people to recover their photos and videos because there are the print of their memories and experience. Everybody wants to have collection of memories in the form of media covering (images and video recovering). Somehow these data may be deleted or misplaced from your devices so software (find images and videos tool) helps to get back your memories.

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