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FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10.0.1638.0


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FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10.0.1638.0 File Number: 235647 |  Submitted: June 24, 2022 |  File size: 24497KB |  Uninstaller: No

Author: EMail |  Price: 59.95 |  License: Demo
O/S: Win 11 32Bit | Category: Communications |  Downloads: 186

Requirements: Supported Windows OS, Data/Fax Modem or T.38 Internet Fax Se


Easy to use Windows fax software to send, receive, view and print faxes. FaxTalk manages your iing and outgoing faxmunications quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Whether you're a small business or an individual, FaxTalk's advanced send and receive fax features turn yourputer into sophisticated fax machine and eliminates the need for a stand-alone fax machine. From a single application you can send, receive, view and print faxes,anize fax documents, create and manage contacts and phonebooks and control all fax operations. Whether you are sending a fax to a single recipient or broadcasting faxes to multiple recipients the FaxTalk fax software provides the features you need. Regardless if you're using a fax modem to fax over a telephone line, or T.38 Inte fax support to fax over the Inte, FaxTalk provides a solution. In both cases, your confidential fax and contact data is kept on yourputer where it belongs. Produce professional looking faxes, evenbine multiple documents into a single fax, and broadcast faxes to multiple recipients with just a few mouse clicks. With the FaxTalk fax software you can fax directly from Windows applications and utilize powerful features such as color fax, broadcast faxing, delayed scheduling, high-speed V.34,fax to email, ess to contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook, export to TIFF or PDF, fax markup and annotation tools, custom designed cover pages, scanner support and resend previously sent faxes. Receive faxes on yourputer with features that save you time and money. Avoid printing unwanted faxes and view received faxes on screen, print a copy, or save the fax for future review. Automatically forward received faxes to an email address or another fax number. You can even have received faxes automatically forwarded to your Microsoft Outlook Inbox to create a unified messaging solution. You can also block the reception of unwanted, unsolicited junk faxes.

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