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Slimey 2.0New File Number: 202195 |  Submitted: Apr 5, 2021 |  File size: 26894KB |  Uninstaller: No

Author: EMail |  Price: 0.00 |  License: Freeware
O/S: Win 10 32Bit | Category: Games |  Downloads: 0

Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/W7, 16 MB RAM, Pentiu


Slimey is a 2D platformer game. In this game, you play as a purple slug that wants to eat, so you have toplete levels to get to the cabbage. But there is a little trick. Slimey can jump only 2 times. Every jump makes Slimey smaller, until he bes a little ball, which can't jump. But there are mushrooms, that can restore slimey's jump health. Each level will stop Slimey from eating that delicious cabbage, but with you, Slimey will finally have some dinner. Game provides achievement system. If youplete achievements, you unlock new colors for Slimey! Enjoy your stay!

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