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IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage 15


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IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage 15 File Number: 198172 |  Submitted: May 27, 2020 |  File size: 3673KB |  Uninstaller: No

Author: EMail |  Price: 159 |  License: Demo
O/S: Win 10 32Bit | Category: Security |  Downloads: 32

Requirements: MICR toner


The IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage package includes a single precise MICR E-13B font that usually avoids the need to calibrate the font to the printer, calibration software for printers that are out of alignment, 24 additional MICR fonts at various widths and intensities, security fonts for printing secure names and amounts, MICR E13B print specifications and an easy to use Bank Check Design and Printing Software application. patible with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, and others. eType, OpenType, PostScript and PCL laserjet soft fonts are provided. This updated package improves MICR character uracy in the printed image with precise pixel mapping font technology. For morermation about the MICR E13B Font Advantage and to download a demo of the package, please visit: https://idautomation/micr-fonts/e13b/ The 2015 version of the MICR E13B Font Advantage includes the following: * Rpiled eType TTF fonts to OpenType TTF. * Embedded time-stamped digital signatures within TTF and OTF fonts for security purposes. * Minor adjustment to MICR characters 8 and 9. These characters matched ISO and ABA standards in previous versions and still do. However, the adjustment may reduce misreads on high-resolution printers that have toner or m issues. * Added a silent Installer to Developer License and above packages. * Improved font installer support for Windows 8 and Server 2012. * Updated documentation.

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