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Mezmind v2.01 File Number: 196780 |  Submitted: Feb 25, 2020 |  File size: 4253KB |  Uninstaller: yes

Author: EMail |  Price: $9.99 |  License: Shareware
O/S: Win 10 32Bit | Category: Games |  Downloads: 32

Requirements: 4GB RAM, 1024x768 minimum display resolution, 500MB disk space


Mezmind is a calming software in the spirit of lava lamps, kic balls and other fascinating presentations but with a focus on unique live themes based in physics to interact with or sit back and view either actively or as a background on your desk, table or nightstand. Great on your nightstand with the clock option and doubles as a night light. The themes range from tranquil Zen Stone stacking to abstract geometric shapes bouncing hypnotically down the screen in ever changing patterns.Build flowing waterfalls with bubbling pools or watch the endless sggle for battle field supremacy in battle line. Turn on live effects such as rain, snow, fog, dripping goo and flowing water to further enhance the themes. At present the following themes are included: Asteroids Battleline Books Blocks 1 Blocks 2 Blocks 3 Coins Consction 1 Consction 2 Ebb and Flow Halloween Ice Shelf Moon Monkeys Oil ms Slice 1 Slice 2 Slither Zen Stones 1 Zen Stones 2 Zen Stones 3 Zen Stones 4

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