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Advanced Port Scanner 2.5.3869


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Advanced Port Scanner 2.5.3869 File Number: 192526 |  Submitted: May 13, 2019 |  File size: 19909KB |  Uninstaller: No

Author: EMail |  Price: 0 |  License: Freeware
O/S: Win 10 32Bit | Category: Internet |  Downloads: 32

Requirements: nothing special


Advanced Port Scanner is a freework scanner allowing you to quickly find open ports (TCP and UDP) onworkputers and retrieve versions of programsnning on the detected ports. The utility includes many features simplifyingwork management. With Advanced Port Scanner you can get maximumrmation about allwork devices, includingputer names, IP and MAC addresses, names of manufacturers ofwork cards and Wi-Fi routers. This program allows you one-click ess to variousworkputer resources such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders. The program finds allputersnning RDP or Radmin and lets you connect to any one of them with one click. The remote PC shutdown feature lets you shut down any remoteputer or group ofputersnning Windows. You can also wake these machines up remotely using Advanced Port Scanner, if theirwork cards support the Wake-On-LAN function. There is also an option ton quickmands (ping, tracert, te and SSH) on a selectedputer. The program has a user-friendly interface. You are able to export your results of scanning for scanning purposes and other operations in .xml, .html, .csv formats. It is possible to launch the program directly from the installer with no manual installation required.

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